On Wednesday January 10, 2001, TWA announced that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection,
and reached an agreement with American Airlines in which American will acquire almost all of TWA's assets

Unfortunately, this did not include Tel Aviv - the only major station to be excluded


Effective 09 April 2001, " TWA LLC - An American Airlines Company "
operates under the merger scheme

Most of the TWA aircraft are integrated into the AA fleet
TWA's revised flight schedule appears with AA Code-Share flight numbers

In July 2001, the first TWA planes appear in AA livery, still with a TWA tail

By December 2001,nothing visible is left of TWA
except for retired aircraft in the Nevada Desert
By 2 Dec 2001 some 20,000 former TWA employees are transferred unto the AA payroll, TWA Aviators mileage transfer to the new AAdvantage Accounts has been completed


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By Dec 2001 the merger is complete - TWA ceases to exist !

- No visible signs of the once proud Airline are left

By April 2002, TWA's 727s are retired, followed throughout the year by the MD80s

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