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Hello and Welcome

This Site is under construction and just emerging.
Thank you for your patience.

Update Notice: the most advanced updates at this time are the Accounting and CTO Tel Aviv Links, based on personal photos etc.
The many historical "official" TWA Israel photos had to be shipped to St Louis Headoffice,in the final days prior station closure, so that we must now rely on our own personal photographs from our seniors and each and every TWA Israel employee, whom we can get hold of and to co-operate with us.

The Web-Site is being organized in a general chronological order sub-divided by decades, which will give an overview of the station history in general.

Furthermore each major department is represented and will tell its own tale over the years, following the general design, but on a departemental level.

The management and employee sections are for clarity only. Most of the time, we will be using first names only. Let's not forget, whatever your position was, we were all employees, friends and colleagues, the TWA Israel TEAM !!!

New sections will be added, such as the Regional and Corporate Headoffice relations.
There were always great people out there with whom very close ties were knit over the years

Each visit, conference, meeting,training, in short each interaction when our people where sent abroad, and people came to us, the human encounter was ALWAYS the strongest bond, and working relations were greatly influenced through these many encounters. Few were the angry and upsetting ones, many were the happy and fun ones, mutual cooperation and respect always made a difference, and gave the quality edge from which we all, first and fore-most our customers and co-workers benefited !

Their is an " EVENTS " section, which will show the station highlights and our young and happy glowing faces !

The " Flashback " section will give a rapid recount for busy people and visitors, who just want a quick glimpse, and might move to the more detailed sections later.

The "News" Section will feature General TWA News and also have a local TWA Israel newsletter.
Items will be of a general nature, detailed information will be available through the committes and forums established to keep up-to-date of what is happing etc.

The " TWA Israel Forum " is a discussion group where you can join and bring up whatever you would like to share with us, or asking for advise and get in touch with as many TWA people as you desire.

Comments, suggestions concerning this web-site can be addressed, and will be seriously considered by the webmaster, at the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.

There is a lot of frustration over the name TWA in our quarters, but we should remember the many decades of fun and light, when we were one happy family.
It will take months, or maybe a year before we can present you a nice meanful site which reflects our past Glory and keeps the spirit alive for the present and future !

The internet is also a very valuable resource for us. We found great TWA pics which we got permission of using in this web-site

Of course proper credit and acknowledgment will be given, and links wil be set up, so that we all can benefit from it !

TWA was our nice and comfortable home for decades ! Let us NEVER forget that, and let us be thankful and greatful for what we had and still have !

Whatever claims we still have, we are confident that a way will be found in the near future to find an honorable solution ...


Tel Aviv - Israel - November 16, 2004

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Recounting some moments in our airline's great history,
both in Israel and abroad.

Thank you for your visit !

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